Scorm 1.2 Wrapper for Articulate 9

Hi there,

Articulate is our preferred corporate LMS but have so far no managed to get any content to launch successfully on the new LMS (Oracle OLM) we are implementing.

The content server is external to the LMS so cross domain runtime communication is required. I believe the Articulate content is failing to launch because of this issue.

SCORM packages authored with other tools with flash content will play without issue though the OLM LMS when loaded to the same server. These packages include the latest APIWrapper.js file from the ADL Scorm website. The Articulate packages do not include this file. I have tried adding this file and then also amending the manifest to reference this file also.

Am I on the right track here? Which of the files in the Articulate package controls the CMI calls? Would it be a case of replacing this file with APIWrapper.js or perhaps retaining the same file but amending or replacing the content with that from the APIWrapper.js file?

To confirm we are running:

OLM R12.1.3

Articulate Presenter 9

Browser version: IE:8

Flash Player version: Orginally 10 but now upgraded to 11 (same issue with both versions)

MIME type for Flash is preent on content server

Thanks again

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Luther. 

In an ideal world, you should host your SCORM content on the same server as the LMS. If you can't, here's some solutions offered by ADL. As an FYI, this is not something we would be able to troubleshoot or offer advice on. You may want to consider hiring a 3rd party LMS Consutlant like Rustici Software to see if they can help you out.