SCORM course is timing out

Nov 04, 2011

We have created a very long SCORM course using Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker interactions. For some folks (especially those on mobile devices) the course is 'timing out' - it appears that all of the info for the course is being stored locally until the end of the course (or the user logs out to resume later). Is there a setting that forces the course to communicate with the LMS during the interaction - an 'I'm still here' exchange?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Bambi,

The timing-out, as well as how the data is collected, is entirely an LMS function. I would recommend discussing the issue with your LMS team. And although it's not officially supported by Articulate, the Internet Detection Connection plugin might be a useful tool for your users. It will help minimize tracking issues caused by dropped connections.

You may also find this article helpful. It will help you troubleshoot Articulate and LMS issues, including generating a debug report:

Hope that's helpful!

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