SCORM Problem


I use Articulate 9 and Moodle 1.9.

By default, Inside Moodle, SCORM object are visualized inside the main window, NOT in a new window.i

When a user visualize a SCORM object, if he tries to exit (using Moodle button Exit Activity or using another link in Moodle heading), Moodle reload the same SCORM page, preventing any other action.

What can i do?


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Lorenz T

@Brian, yes i've imported SCORM using the same method.

@Dan yes, i know that previous Moodle releases have some problem, i'm using 1.9.7

I've resolved the problem importing slides in a new powerpoint project and exporting with bookmarki disabled. I believe that bookmarking has a role in the problem, but i don't understand how.