Screen captures

Hi, I am creating some screen captures for my elearning course. I have two questions regarding this process:

1) is it possible to directly import mp4 files inside presenter? I only see an option to import flash files. 

2) I want my screen caps to have both a first and last frame image. How can I achieve this? I couldnt find any topics addressing my query. I think there is an option to include a first frame but how do I include a last frame?

Look forward to your inputs. 



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Sid Gordon

Hi Justin thanks for your reply. Yes I just realized that MP4 files are supported. Thats a mistake on my part. 

My second question is regarding screen captures. These are mp4 files, which I import in presenter. I have set autoplay to off so the user can read some lines on the screen and then see the screen capture. In such slides, the user can see the first frame of the video in the placeholder before clicking on play. Then the user plays the movie which runs through fine. However, at the end of the movie the user sees a big blank space rectangle in the placeholder area. Is it possible to end the video such that the last frame of the video remains on the screen instead of going blank?

I hope you get my point. If not I will post some screen shots. 

Sid Gordon

I have used camtasia to capture the screen. The output is a standard mp4 file. I will have to seek permission from my manager to send the project files and unfortunately she's on a leave. I am attaching some screen shots. If you look at the screenshot below, this is the last frame (1:31 mins) of my screen capture which is 1:32 mins long. 

As soon as the movie ends, I see this black screen. Instead, I want the last frame above to remain after the movie has finished playing. 

Any tips? Look forward to your response.