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Kayla Burtch

This happens EVERYTIME I try to use it.

I'm trying to record a published articulate file (on my computer) playing (3 slides)

And/Or powerpoint.

But even if I close absolutely everything (even the things I want to record) the recording is super chopy and even the cursor is flickery (and I can't open any programs)

Dave Mozealous

Hmm, the only time I can remember seeing this before was on some really low performance old XP machines, but we did some optimization to improve that...

Have you tried disabling your anti-virus programs to see if that helps?

Might also be worth trying to upgrade to the latest Java to see if that helps:


Also noticing that you are recording in Firefox, have you tried recording IE to see if the problem still exists?  It could be possible that a Firefox extension could potentially be causing issues.