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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jim! Yep, Screenr Business does allow you to control who views your screencasts. You can check out a trial here

With the regular (free) version of Screenr, all screencasts become part of the public stream. If you are just wanting the MP4 and don't need to keep the content live at Screenr, what you could do is download the MP4 immediately after recording, and then delete the public one from your Screenr page. This would remove it from the public stream, but you'd still have the MP4 on your hard drive, to do whatever you want with it. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Dan, unfortunately the account needs to be confirmed by the user in order for the site to allow the user to download the MP4, and I'm really sorry, there's no way for the Screenr folks to manually confirm a user's account. So, if your confirmation message was blocked or otherwise filtered and there's no way you can get to it, you might try setting up a new account with a different email address that doesn't have aggressive spam filtering, or create a new account that isn't connected to an email at all (i.e., use your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account to create the login rather than using your email address). Of course with either of these options your account would be brand new, so once you confirm the account you'd then need to re-record the screencast in order to download the MP4. 

Regarding your question about whether the movie will play from an internal server, yes it should, as long as your server is set up to allow MP4 MIME type files. If you'd like to test a sample MP4 that I downloaded from my own Screenr account just this morning, you're welcome to download and use this file (it's 11.6 mb).