Script error message appears after trying to insert web object


I'm trying to insert a web object onto a slide, but I'm getting a script error message. It's a url to a digital image and I'm guessing it has something to do with the Silverlight application used to view the image...but not sure how to resolve. Can someone help? Screenshots of the error messages are below.

 And then after selecting Yes:

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Angela Kim

Hi Peter,

I'm using IE8, which is my default browser. I inserted this link: as a web object on a slide so that the learner can view the digital image without having to open the link in a new window. When I tried previewing it in Articulate Presenter, it was giving me the first error message, then I clicked Yes, and it gave me the second error message. I clicked Yes again and the screen appears blank.



Peter Anderson

Thanks for the link, Angela

So you've only been able to test your course locally thus far? Meaning, you haven't yet uploaded the course to your website or LMS?

Some functionality, including web objects, can fail if the course isn't uploaded to its intended environment. This article will explain that in more detail if you have any questions. 

At the moment, I don't have Presenter installed on my machine, but if you'd like us to try and test it for you, please feel free to contact our support team.

Thanks, Angela!

Angela Kim

Hi Peter,

Miker had to refer this issue to your QA team and could not resolve the issue of getting the web object to the digital slide to open in any browser (the only browser it seems to work is google chrome). He did give me 7 steps to try to get it to work in my IE browser, but not very practical for learners to do as they take a course-and, actually, I tried the steps and it still didn't work. He also suggested we have the url open in a new window, but the reason we inserted it as a web object was to keep it on the same page as other relevant content as they examined the digital slide. If you have any alternatives of how to view the digital slide without having to open it in a new window and on the same page as relevant content, please let me know. Thanks! I appreciate it.