SCRORM 1.2 with hidden slides

Jan 31, 2013

I'm having some SCORM reporting issues for a course module I just built.

When I test in Scormcloud, with Tracking set to the full number of PPT slides (19), passing the quiz and playing of the final slide, will not register as "Passed"


  • Publishing to SCORM 1.2
  • Reporting: Passed/Incomplete
  • Tracking: # of slides used 19

Presentation Structure:

  • The PPT presentation has 19 actual slides
  • Slides 9,16,17 are hidden from navigation in the articulate slide properties
  • slide 16 is a quizmaker qiz
  • Slide 8 is a PPT interaction, with two buttons linking to the same "results" page (slide 9 hidden)
  • Slide 15 is a "when you are ready to start the quiz" with PTT button linking to hidden slide 16 (quiz)
  • Slide 17 is the destination page for quiz failure, with PPT buttons to "replay presentation" or "try quiz again" linking to appropriate pages, this slide is SKIPPED entirely if the quiz is passed
  • Slide 18,19 wrap up the module with post quiz summary and conclusion

It seemed that the "passed" score is recorded if I reduce the Tracking:# of slides to 16.

Is the number here actually Total slides - hidden slides?

If so, that is inconvenient but it would work.

I'm concerned that this number might be based on "number of slides viewed" (which varies based on quiz performance)

Any suggestions?

Making source file available here:

And Published .zip here:

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Dwayne Schamp

You hit it. If you have hidden slides, tracking using total number has problems.

If you have 19 slides in the course, and you are tracking on "Slides viewed = 19", and the user can skip just one, you will never trip the completion status.

But contrary-wise, if you allow for that skipped slide and set your slides viewed to 18 in this case, and the user does not skip the one slide, the completion will trip on the 18th slide, which doesn't count the last slide viewed. So they can complete before viewing the entire course.

Why not put slides 18 and 19 into the quizmaker as slides after the question slide. You can then use that as your completion tracking.

Alexander Covan


That would be an interesting option. 

In this case I've already built 5 rather long modules and it would be a cumbersome re-work.
I might try something like that in the future.

Another issue is we specifically built manual buttons onto one slide that allows users who fail the quiz to either "review presentation > go back to slide 1" or "retry quiz > go back to  quiz slide". This was because the client didn't feel "finish" was clear enough in the quiz (originally this button either restarted presentation or went on to summary slide depending on quiz results).

Is there any option that simply says, "you must finish this slide" and attach it to the final slide?
Also, is there a way to allow score reporting while also requiring viewing pages after the quiz slide?

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