Search function with tables

I have several tables in my presentation and the client wants to be able to search for terms within the presentation.  The search function is working for everything except for terms within tables.  How can I correct this?

In addition, I also have hyperlinks set up throughout the document and some are also in tables.  The links work fine within ppt, but when I publish the links that are in table format do not work.  Again, how can I correct this?


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Steve Flowers

Hi Debbie, 

I believe SmartArt is exported as a graphic. So the text contained within these is essentially a graphic and won't be indexed by search. This is probably why your links are also failing. You might try ungrouping the table object until it's broken down into object components (lines and text).

Steve Flowers

Hi Debbie - 

Just tried this myself. In PPT 2003, you were able to ungroup a table with the ungroup tool. Looks like they changed the way this worked in version 2007 and newer. I think your only option to retain the text in the table cells is building the table with shapes or clearing the text from the cells in the table and overlaying with text elements.