Search not really searching for Slide or Note text?

Final moments with my first module, looking for little snafus, and I find this:

4 slides - in slide notes it has two phrases: "job aid" and "try it".  Also on slides, in a grouped image is the word "Try It".

If I search for the above terms in a published module, it only comes up with two out of the four hits (or three, depending on the search term).

So, I get crafty and put a text box on each slide with white text to hide it - then republish.

Same result, only two out of the four slides hit in search.  What gives?

Thanks for all help and replies,


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Melissa Chiaramonti

Pete -

Very curious why hiding the slide title from the outline automatically negates the ability to search the slide notes? Or do I have the process misconstrued somehow.  Unhiding the slides works, with a small, inelegant change to the slide titles to compensate for the appearance in the outline.

Is this truly how it's meant to work?

Thanks for the help,