Seekbar missing from published course

Hello folks!

I've searched the forums and have not found anyone that has posted this problem in the past. So, here goes....

  • In Player Templates/Layout, "No sidebar view" is selected. None of the other view modes are selected.
  • In Player Templates/Navigation, "Restricted - can only...." is selected.
  • In Player Templates/Player Controls, "Forward/back/pause controller", "Seekbar", "Prompt to resume...", "When running in LMS...", and "Allow user to seek within seekbar" are selected.
  • In Slide Properties/Change View, first two slides are blank, others have "No Sidebar" (content) or "Slide Only" (quizzes).

The Preview shows the seekbar. When published, the seekbar is not there. Everything else seems to as instructed.

What am I missing???


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Jack Konrath

I'm having the same problem as Manny Pitta. Using Articulate Presenter '09. After trying seemingly endless combinations of settings, I'm unable to get the seekbar to ever display. I've tried it in a 46-slide presentation and a 4-slide "test" presentation. Neither presentation will display the seekbar despite "seekbar" being selected in Player Templates/Player Controls & regardless of whether "allow user to seek within seekbar" is selected in Player Templates/Player Controls/Miscellaneous. Slide Properties/Change View set to "No Sidebar" except first slide set to "blank".  "No sidebar view" checked in Player Templates/View Modes. I'm suspicious of Adobe FLASH revs... at least 3 of them... since I've last had occasion to display the seekbar.  Would appreciate any clues/vectors to pursue to liberate the seekbar.

Brian Batt

Hi Manny & Jack,

When you go to publish your presentation, make sure that you're selecting the Player Template that you just saved.  The drop-down for Player Template will automatically select the last player template that you published with.  Depending upon the changes that you made, the selected player template might not be the one that you expect.  Make sure that "In Project" isn't shown in the Player Template name.  Otherwise, you'll continue to publish the player template that doesn't have your changes.

Let me know if you continue to have problems.

Manny Pitta


Thank you! The template with "In Project" had been selected. I tried it with the template without the "In Project" name and (drum roll.....) it works!

So, how does the "In Project" template differ from the one that does not have that notation? When would I want to use it?

Thanks again,


Brian Batt

Hi Manny,

The "In Project" template will appear when someone has sent the project file to you.  The player template isn't saved on your actual's still "in project."  Thus, when you edit the template & resave it, that version of the file is no longer "in project."

Does that make sense?