Seekbar Not Displaying Text When Published in Japanese Language

Mar 17, 2014


I am trying to publish an articulate course in Japanese Language.

Have changed the settings required:

Player Templates - Text Labels - Language - Japanese

Presentation Options - Publish - Choose Character Set for the Articulate Player - Non-wetern

All the text labels in the published articulate presenter output looks fine, except the seekbar label. The text in the seekbar does not display any text labels.

Below is the screenshot of how it looks:

Can anyone help me solve this problem.

Thanks In Advance,


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Kusheel Pathak

Hi Leseli,

Please find the attachment for the sample Japanese Course, which has the seekbar issue mentioned in the post.

The published output of the course works fine in IE browser but has an issue when viewed in chrome and firefox browsers.

Let me know if there is anything else you require from my end.

Thanks & Regards,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kusheel!

I just wanted you to know that I am currently looking into your issue. It appears that it is related to Chrome.

I am going to report this to our QA Team for further testing.

Text displays in Firefox 28.0

Text displays in IE 11

Text displays in Safari 5.1.7

Text displays in Maxthon v4.2.1.1000

So, I'm thinking that it may be Chrome-specific, or possibly specific to the Chrome Flash plugin

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