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Peter Anderson

Hey Alison!

There's no way to allow the seekbar to be scrubbed one way and not the other, so if you'd like to see that option in the future, feel free to send us a feature request. However, you can remove the seekbar completely and maintain the timer at the top by configuring your Player Template > Player Controls in the following way:

Thomas Albright

Bump** We really need this feature. Our courses consist of 2 to 4 hours of video.  We have put in a couple of feature requests to apply the Menu Restrictions to the seekbar so students cannot cheat through our video courses but can rewind just a bit to review.  We have made Play Pause buttons as a cheap quick work around but this does not allow the student to review without reviewing the entire slide video. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

After 9 months using Articulate I would hate to have to learn Captivate.



Thomas Albright

A student can click on the far right of the seekbar and effectivly skip over the entire slide and by repeating this process they can get through our 3 hour course in about 5 minutes.  The State requirements for OnDemand Continuing Education does not require a test but it does require the student watch the entire 3 hours of the video.  We break down the 3 hours of video into 3 minute segments with a survey question every 20 minutes so to cheat you just need to click the far tight of the seekbar 7 times then answer the survey question then repeat 8 more times. 

Dwayne Schamp

I agree with Phil on this.

Which state is this by the way? There is really no way to force them to watch the video. And if they are just survey questions, hit play, coffee break, oh videos done, next...

I know that everyone in  a position that requires this stuff should probably be ethical enough to follow instructions, but....

Maybe it should be The State.

Thomas Albright

As a work around we have already resticted the menu, removed seekbar, and added play/pause buttons.  This provieds a very poor learning enviorment for our students as they can not easily re-wind or seek back to review something the insturctor just said. It forces them to return to beginging of a 3-5 minutes slide. and watch all again.

Yes students are required to "watch" the entire video, but the issue is not being able to easily navigate inside each slide.

 The State requirement is the same in all 26 states that we report CE to.