Shape & Text animation

Never had this problem - the text on my shapes is animating - but the shape is not. Nothing was selected to have the text animate independent of the shape.

Everything works fine in PowerPoint as a slide show, but when I publish to a file for an LMS (.swf), the shapes no longer animate but the text does. Any Shape/Text without animation are fine - timing is fine - audio is fine.

I'm stumped.

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David Anderson

Hi Wallis and welcome to Heroes!

What kind of shape are you using with text? Is it Smart Art by chance? Also, what type of animation are you using?

If it is Smart Art, can you try saving the shape and text as a picture (Right-click > Save as picture...) and applying the animation? It's possible the Smart Art is causing the issue.

Another possible cause with Smart Art is the animation type. Here's an article that could help:

Wallis Miller

Hi David -

I'm not using 'Smart Art' - just 'shapes' - a rectangle to be precise, with a gradient fill, font is Calibri. Animation is simple - either 'fade/fast' or 'appear'. This is the same stuff I used for the last two .swf files I created for our LMS a couple of weeks ago.  The only thing that has changed in the interim is a complete pc upgrade. 

Wallis Miller

Ah ha!... went back in, took one of the misbehaving shapes and recreated it with new text. Made sure text was not highlighted, and then applied animation.

It worked fine. I'm going to blush and say that I must have had text highlighted somewhere when I applied the animation. Then my propensity for 'cut & paste' carried the error through the presentation.

thanks for the input and help!