Shapes in PPT not aligned on screen after publishing

Greetings fellow e-Learning Heroes,

I'm having an issue with shapes not aligning on screen after publishing.  In preview, everything looks fine.  Upon publishing, the shapes are shifted to the left about 50 pixels and up about 30 pixels. (Look at the "rays of light" in image)  I'm animating the shapes using the fade in feature.  I use PPT 2007.  See screenshot. The shapes were created using PPT.

I'm using a computer running Windows 7 and also another computer running Windows XP.  Issue happens on both computers.

I've also tried the annotationalingment fix found on this forum.  (Use 96dpi 100% scale, etc.)

Please help.

I've got a deadline today.

Thanks in advance.


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Joe Deegan

Hi Chris,

Something that might help is converting them from shapes to images.  A quick way to do this is to cut the shapes then use the "Paste Special" option to paste as .png.  I seem to have less problems with alignment and other issues after converting the powerpoint shape to an image.  Hope this helps.

Judy Nollet

FYI: I found the above post today (02/16/2012) because I had shapes appearing waaaaay out of alignment when published. Joe's suggestion did fix the problem. However, as with other work-arounds, it's disappointing that an extra step is needed just to make things appear in a published course as they appear in PowerPoint...

- Judy

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