Jun 21, 2018

How do you publish a document so it can be seen on Sharepoint? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Gigi!

While this is a bit outside my expertise, there are quite a few folks in this community who use Sharepoint for hosting content. Hopefully they'll chime in with tips for you!

In the meantime, these older threads should get you started:

Cassidy Hodges

I'm wondering the same thing.  Our issue is:  When we publish a project using the Articulate plugin in PowerPoint, upload to Sharepoint (and change the html5 to aspx), the file DOWNLOADS when clicked on the link, instead of just playing within SharePoint.

When we publish with Articulate Storyline directly, and upload to Sharepoint (still changing the name to an .aspx file), it doesn't download.  It just plays.

We notice the file names are "presentation" versus "story".  Could that be the issue?  Also, the link the file in sharepoint has the word "download" in it ,when it was published originally through the Articulate powerpoint plugin.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cassidy!

It sounds like you've tried hosting Storyline and Presenter courses on Sharepoint; the Storyline courses launched correctly, but the Presenter courses did not. Is that right?

Presenter courses will display as presentation.html instead of story.html. 

I'm seeing lots of other Sharepoint users in this discussion – that may be a good place to find help from other folks who are using the same platform. 

Cassidy Hodges

Hi, Alyssa!  Yes, that's it exactly.  It's only the Presenter courses that download, when clicked in Sharepoint.  In addition to changing the the extension to .aspx, I went back and just changed the filenames to story.  Same thing.

When I copy and paste the link from the presentation file, it has the word "download" in the the link name.  I think that must be an "instruction" to sharepoint to download instead of play, but I"m just speculating.

I'm working with a very experienced Articulate user on our team, and he has not seen this before either...he's never upload though a file published through the Articulate Presenter powerpoint plugin though, only Articulate proper.

I'll check out the link you posted too.  THANKS!

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