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Maxwell Dziku

Sorry for being this late in this thread. I am having trouble getting my content online and would love some help. Besides sharepoint, are there other work arounds to get content online and/or on my lms? All the plugins i'm seeing are quite expensive to subscribe to and for starters i just have some trivia i published to share for colleagues at work to check out. Is there any way i can upload locally published content to google drive/ or drop-box and get a shareable link for people linke back to. I tried this for drop-box and got the link for the html.story  but it only opens the scorm content without running the html file. Any help will be much appreciated. 

While on this, how do people post their demo content to this and other articulate forums as well?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maxwell,

Google Drive and Dropbox dropped support for hosting .html files sometime last year (2016) so those two options are no longer something we'd recommend. We do recommend using Amazon S3 as a hosting server but that does require that you pay for and set up a server, although they do have pretty generous file size limits at a low cost. You can check it out here! 

Crystal Horn

Hi Maxwell!  I just wanted to chime in with this info too!  We've got a great article about publishing and sharing your content.  And here's one about choosing a free LMS.

We host weekly challenges where you can share your work with David, and we often pick exceptional examples to be featured!  Good luck!

Daniel  Feerst

Ashley, can you comment on this and what Articulate is planning:

Adobe will no longer support Flash after 2020, but many companies already blocking Flash content. Apple products are not running Flash content for many years now. Google announced it will turn off Flash support in future Chrome browsers and even Android devices. SharePoint can run Flash content, but Microsoft recommends to turn off Flash. Therefore it's "blocked" by administrators in the U.S. Army. Does Articulate have plans to somehow work around this?