Sharing Articulate '09 Content


I have been designing Georgian language course using Articulate Studio '09. So far I have published 9 lessons. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time to share my lessons, because it's hard to find a free server which can host my published output on the permanent basis. 

I got some help from Articulate support and published my lesson on Google Drive, here is the link, but when I try to view it, I have to refresh the page, because it has a trouble loading. 

My question is what would be solution to this? Could you suggest a free web server? I'm also including Zip file of one of my published lessons. 

I also uploaded it on Dropbox, see it here. Do you know how could I make the player.html file playable once the link opens?

Thanks so much!

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Rezi Tkemaladze

Thank you so very much, Christie! I can finally get my presentation to play online using Amazon S3; My only concern is tier expires after 12 months and I'll probably have to find a different hosting option.

Thanks again!