Should I use Tin Can API for better performance with MOODLE on multiple devices: iPad, Mac, PCs?

Feb 12, 2015

MOODLE on multiple devices: iPad, Mac, PC....Should I use Tin Can API? I am getting some users with problems. And some don't have problems. The quiz is freezing on the first question with a red bar at the bottom.  Should I use Tin Can API instead of SCORM so this company that has Moodle can push the course out to users and no matter what device they are using, it works? Is Tin Can API more versatile?

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Andrew Downes

It's certainly worth doing a test; I've worked with companies who were able to solve display and performance issues with Storyline 1 on iPad by switching to the mobile app which uses Tin Can.

To do your test, you'll need the Moodle Tin Can launch plugin:

You'll also need an LRS. Probably the easiest to get started with is a free account on SCORM Cloud

Let me know if you have any questions and how you get on. 

Daniel  Feerst

This is articulate presenter not Storyline. Does your solution still apply?


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