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Jul 12, 2011

Is there a way to let the user show/hide the navigation menu?

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Kayla Burtch


Under Playertemplates>Player Controls you want to make sure "Change view mode" is selected.

Also make sure that under Player Templates>Layout  that you have any of the views you want available selected as well (There are three choices, slide only, no sidebar (as in the play/pause/seekbar etc are visable but the navigation panel isn't) and standard. Now by clicking the "change view mode" button in the lower right corner the user will be able to show/hide the navigation menu (if you don't want them to also be able to show/hide the navigation panel, de-select "slide-only view)

Hope that helps.

Lou Mang

These are instructions on how to allow the user make the Menu show and hide in Storyline 2.

1. From the Home tab select the Player icon to edit the player properties.

2. From the Player Tabs window scroll down to the Sidebar listing and click on Menu. 

3. Just below the Player Tabs window at the lower left are two up/down arrows.

4. Click the up arrow until the Menu heading is under the "Topbar Left"

5. Click "OK" at the lower right of the screen and that's it! The Menu button
is now a Tab in the upper left of the screen that the user may show or hide with one click.

Let em know if you have any questions. 

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