Simple question about the loss of a sliver to right and bottom

While the top and left publlish true, I've noticed that a sliver of a few pixels gets cropped off the bottom and (particularly) the right of the PowerPoint easel when converting to Flash through AP. You can see this for yourself if you snap a maximum-size rectangle with a fine outline to the easel: the outline is lost from the right and bottom. Even if you drag the right and base of the rectangle minutely inwards, the edge can be lost, that's how significant this sliver is. I do realise that one can allow for this loss in a rough-and-ready kind of way and sensibly eschew outlines on full-sized rectangles, but I do wonder if there is precise information about the dimensions of this loss (how many pixels off the right and how many off the bottom), so that one can minimise the loss and maximise the developable estate.

Thanks in advance, Ben

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