Slide advances before audio finishes playing Presenter 13

One particular slide in a Articulate 13 course changes prematurely just before the audio finishes playing. If you hit previous to replay the slide, it will play through the slide fine the second time. This happens at this same point in the course every time when played through our Cornerstone LMS. It tests fine locally in preview. The file test fine in SCORM Cloud. I re-recorded the audio and rebuild the particular slide and the problem persists. The menu is set to restricted, the next button is hidden and navigation is free for all slides. All other slide behave perfectly. I observed that this is slide number 23 and the tracking is set to score a completion on the LMS with  23 of 29 slides viewed. I changed tracking to 24 of 29 and the issue then occurred on the 24th slide instead. This never happened with Presenter 09. I don't see any see any changes I can make in the course to fix this. It looks like an LMS issue although we have other Articulate 13 courses on our LMS that aren't doing this. Any suggestions?  

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