Slide animations interrupted by advancing on click

Jul 25, 2018


When we loaded the powerpoint into Articulate Studio, the slides auto advanced.  We fixed that by changing the Slide Properties to advance by user:


Now the slide does not advance until the user clicks, which is much betterthan before; but if the user clicks before the animations appear, the slide advances immediately and they never see the information that has not appeared yet. 

In PowerPoint if the user clicks on a slide during the animation, it shows all of the animations in a finished state.  Is it possible to have that same result in Articulate Studio? 

Thank you in advance for any help with this.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Angela!  While you can't trigger the animations to complete, you can prevent the user from advancing too early.  Check out your Menu options in the Player Properties window.  You can set navigation to Restricted, which means that the timeline of the slide has to complete before the Next button will be active.   Learners can pace themselves without having the ability to skip important content.  Win!

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