Slide master not publishing

I am putting together a presentation to publish to CD. I am using the standard Aspect slide masters as the backgrounds for each slide. I have used this master in several other courses (also published to CD) but with this one, the Aspect slide backgrounds are not publishing. Instead, I am getting a plain white background on all slides, regardless of which slide (title, title and content, content only, etc.) I used. I have never had this happen before. Any ideas?

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Jeanne Miller

No, that didn't work. I think the issue is that I am losing the slide graphics when I publish. This is happening with the title only layout of the aspect design--I see the foreground graphics (a top-half slide, gray, inside-center-shadow, rounded edge rectangle and a close- to-the-slide-edges 3/4 shadowed box ) when I am in Ppt, including in a Ppt slide show, but when I publish in Presenter I lose everything but the text.