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Nov 08, 2011

I'm not sure if this is possible with just Presenter (i.e. I may need custom flash to make this work), but I am creating a mock software tutorial.  To get into the system, the user must enter a 4 digit number.  I'm not worried about what number they enter, but i want to make sure they enter a number of some sort.  If they enter a number (0-9), then i want the presentation to go to the next slide.  Any non-numeric entry would be ignored.  Is this possible with just Articulate.  Can I capture the enter key also?  I do have a number pad on the screen, but to truly mimic the software, i'd like the user to be able to enter their number with the keyboard as well.


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Brian Batt

Hi Jeremy & welcome to Heroes,

One way to accomplish what you're looking for is to use the Number question type in Quizmaker:

Then, you'll want to use some creative branching to continue the scenario:

Many of our users have built entire presentations exclusively in Quizmaker because they can create content slides with the Blank Slides feature:

The biggest problem that you're going to run into is "capturing" the data entry.  If you're looking for a specific numeric sequence, you could just place that statically through your course.  However, if you need to know exactly what the end-user inputting & use it later in the course, then that's not currently possible in Quizmaker.

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