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Brian Batt

Hi Kristin & welcome to Heroes,

If you find your Published Presenter presentation does not display any text in the Notes Tab, your issue is most likely related to having the PowerPoint notes font color set to white. 

Please note, changing the font color in the PowerPoint notes will always display as black when authoring. To correct your issue, select all of the text in the PowerPoint notes area, right-click part of the text and select Font from the menu and change the Color to Black. Republish and view.

LynDee Leffler

OK! In PowerPoint, go to > View > Notes Page > click on the text box below the image of the slide to enable it > select Format (under Drawing Tools in office 2010) > Highlight the invisible text > Click on Text Fill > More Fill Colors > click on the black hex!  Use the down arrow or the scroll to move down to the next slide and repeat the Text Fill!

Simon Seiffert

Have encountered this problem myself today!

The issue causing it seems to be the formatting of the text in the notes slide. You can't see the formatting when on the slide overview screen, but if you change your view to the Notes view, you can see the specific formatting.

Best way to get around this issue is to Select All, Cut, Paste Special > Text Only - and then format inline, with simple bolding/underlining etc - no shadow or other non-standard HTML formats.

Should solve your problem!

Brian Sfogliatelle

I've followed the above recommendations, and those posted below.  Nothing seems to work.  I've had this problem before, and I've been able to solve the issue with the steps below.  Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

That being said, it is troubling that Articulate developers have not yet come with a downloadable fix to permanently address this issue.

  1. After publishing your presentation, navigate to the data folder of the published output.
  2. Open the presentation.xml file in Notepad.
  3. Go to Edit > Find, and search for the following line of text:
  4. When you find , change the number that appears immediately after this to 348.
  5. Then click the Find Next button, and change the number after each instance of to 348.
  6. Save and close the modified presentation.xml file.
Rebecca Hay

Before starting a new course, I set up my slide master and my notes page master.

I set my notes master text to Arial, 12 pt, single space.

When I paste text into the notes pane on an individual slide, I make sure to select text only.

This has saved me a lot of time and has provided a consistent look to the notes when published.

Hope this helps.

Brian Sfogliatelle

Thanks Rebecca,

I've unsuccessfully attempted that also.  What makes it even more difficult is the presentation needed to be translated into French, and I'm a non-speaker.  I've copied all the French words into the Interactions, but my manager prefers I hold up sending the file out for proofing until this issue is resolved.  Had it been English, I'd have done the proofing myself regardless of the Notes issue.

I had this problem licked a few months back, and now it's back with a vengance!

Peter Anderson

Hey Brian!

Sorry for the frustration. If you'd like, you can Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us so our support staff can take a closer look at the issue. You can do that here:


When submitting your case, be sure to mention the url for this thread, as well as any other important information that will help us resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience!

Brian Sfogliatelle

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

Since I was performing a copy & paste of French translations, the text was going into PPT notes as 10.5 points font size.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, and this morning edited the font size to 12 points.

That seemed to have worked. 

Thanks again to all!

Bryan Genier

I experienced this same issue and resolved it by scrubbing the text on one screen. There must have been an invalid character somewhere that messed up the publishing of all the notes. Once I fixed that one screen, I was golden. Figuring out which screen is the issue is another matter though!  Certainly very frustrating.