Slide number issue in Presenter 13

Jul 16, 2015


I can not get the slide numbers in the output generated by Presenter 13 (SCORM 1.2 output for LMS). Instead I have "Slide <#>" on all the pages.

From what I found out reading some articles (e.g., it seems to be supported. I followed the procedure described here to insert the slide numbers:

But this is not working.

I would appreciate some help/tips on this, or at least know if this is supposed to work or not.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for reaching out here and letting us know what you've already tested and looked into. I'd also like to confirm that you're working on your files as described here. Also, if you'd like us to take a look at how it's behaving in your course, are you able to create a Presenter package that you can share with us either here in the forums or send it along to our Support team? 

Laurence Brunet

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm working correctly on the files (I reviewed your article) and was able to get this working when creating a new PPT presentation from scratch. So issue seems to be linked to my original PPT, maybe to our internal template. Still weird as everything is working fine in Powerpoint, this is really just the SCORM output that does not have the page number calculated.
I'll be checking on my side. For confidentiality reasons I can not share my PPT.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurence, 

Thanks for the follow up. Have you tried publishing to Web or another method to see if it's something within the SCORM Files?  If it worked as expected in a new file, I don't suspect that would be the case - but it's worth looking into. 

If you can't share it here privately, you can always send along to our Support engineers who can sign an NDA if needed. 

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