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Aug 12, 2011

Hi Everyone

I have been given an e-learning to complete and my colleague started it in Presenter rather then Engage that I am used to.  I seem to be having a problem in slide properties, I am trying to make sure that certain slides are hidden/named/put in a hierarchy so not everything is viewed in the menu however I am having the following issues:

After 10 slide I am unable to preview the slide in order to name it.

On slide 15 and after I am unable to put the level to 2, the only option is 1.

Has anyone else got this problem?  Is there a fix?  If I where to cut the e-learning down then merge it all back together will the properties carry over?

I hope someone can help.

Take Care


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Clare!

You mentioned you're "unable to preview the slide in order to name it" ... can you say a little more about that problem? Is the issue that you can't see the slide thumbnail in the Slide Properties window? Or is it that you can't edit the text in the Navigation Title column? If it's the latter, and if the Navigation Title column currently says (Hidden), you can do this: right-click in the Navigation Title column for that slide, and then UNmark the option that says "Hide in Navigation Panel." Then you should be able to double click the navigation title and change the text as needed.

Regarding your other problem with being unable to assign a level greater than 2, it sounds like perhaps the slide prior to 15 is a Level 1 slide and is currently set to "hidden". Is that the case? By design, any slide that follows a hidden slide can't be set to a deeper level than the hidden slide before it. But you could unhide the hidden slide, increase its level, and then hide it again. Then you should be able to set the following slide to a deeper level.

If these suggestions don't hit the mark, any chance you could post a screenshot of your Slide Properties window? That would help us troubleshoot, if we can see what you're seeing. Thanks!

Phil Mayor

Hi Clare

It may be your slide is hidden which would not allow you to rename it.  I trick you can use for other projects is in your slide master push the slide title off the slide.  This is where presenter initially gets the slide title from you can over ride this in slide properties, but I find it is much qicker to just rename them in powerpoint, and I can also see what the slide is called without having to open slide properties


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