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Since my machine was reimaged and I had to reinstall Articulate Studio 09, my slide properties no longer work. It worked fine before all this happened so I am stumped as to what changed. Here is what I want and what I have currently set up. Keep in mind this worked perfectly before the reinstall.

The opening slides should be Slide View only so the learner has to click through each one (I know, not good but it is what the client wants). After that the Side Bar menu should appear and they can go through the course in any order they want by using the Side Bar menu. This no longer works and all I get is Slide View all the time, every slide.

My Slide Properties are set  as such:

  • The first slide in Change View is set to Slide Only. So subsequent slides up to #19 will display as slide only
  • Slide #19 is set to Standard so it stops the slide only view.
  • My group by area is set to Slide #.

I have tried various combinations on this screen and it comes out the same every time.

My Template is set to:

  • All three view modes are checked on the Layout Tab
  • The Navigation Panel set to the Sidebar.

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