Slide time does not reflect new timing....

Jan 09, 2012


I had made a slide with animation. Two characters talking to each other. The entire animation was 53 seconds.

The presentation was published.

My colleague changed the conversation. And now the entire thing is over in 20 seconds. I have reduced all the animation in PPT to 0 seconds and appear in sequence.

*BUT* when I publish, the timing on the slide is still 53 seconds. I changed the backend XML's <slidetime> property, but that too did not have any effect on the slide time.

Can someone help?



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Ananda Gupta

Hi Ravindran and @Work,

Thanks for your responses.

I checked the timing, it was set to 2 seconds and the tried to work the animation in a new slide, but that also did not work for me.

There was no audio, however, the time shown was long, I changed that too, but there was no effect.

Tried the sync animation option and started sync and then stopped when the animation ended, this worked for me!

I however think that this is not the best way.



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