slide timing varies

I have several slides that introduce a new topic by animating an image that contains the topic name.  The image is set to slide in from the left "very fast" with a .5 second delay. 

My Presenter options are set for slides to play for 3 seconds.  The navigation is set to "free" and slides are set to advance by user.

Some slides show 3 seconds in the progress bar but others show between 21 and 30 seconds in the progress bar.  The Next button doesn't flash until the progress bar reaches the end.  I find it very frustrating to watch a slide with two words on it for 30 seconds.  I can imagine the flood of calls to our helpdesk already. 

Is there somewhere else I should be checking to set the timing?  Why do I have to wait for the end of the slide to get the Next button if the navigation is set to "free?"

Thank you,


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Mel Aclaro

Hi Nancy,

I've experienced a similar issue to what you describe.  In my case, they seemed to happen on those slides in which I had previously imported an audio file having longer duration than the 3 second option settings.  (In my case, I had set a default 5 second option.)  What I found was later, when I removed the audio and replaced it with another recorded option, AP somehow retained the timing from the original audio.

Initially, I tried tweaking the timing in Audio Editor but, truth be told, the easiest / fastest option I ultimately settled on was to create a new slide and then copy all the objects from the old slide and subsequently deleting the old slide.