Slide timing with animation

All of my slides are defaulted to 5 seconds each with user advance on most slides. I have one slide with animation that auto advances. My problem is that the slide with animation takes almost 15 seconds. The animation happens at the very beginning and then you have to stare at the screen  for another 10 seconds. How do I fix this timing issue?



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Paul Kornman

The easiest solution I have found is to create a sound file of silence for the time you want the slide to last. So, if you want the slide to wait 5 seconds before continuing, create a 5-second sound file that has no sound in it. (Audacity is a free sound editor if you don't have one).

In the Articulate tab, use the "Import Audio" button to attach the "silence" to your slide. Test it with the "Preview" button and the slide should now last exactly 5 seconds.

Best wishes,

Paul Kornman