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Phil Mayor

Teresa you need the slide to have a slide title in the master for it to be automatically picked up, if you add a slide title after the slide is created the slide title will have automatically been created and then will not override the one Studio has created.

In my slide masters I push the slide title off the slide this is a quicker way to do titles rather than using slide properties IMHO

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Loran. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Without seeing the file and settings, it's difficult to see what's missing. Do you have any of the titles hidden?

Here's how to check:

Click on "Player" to open the Player Properties, then click on "Menu" at the top. 

In the list that shows here, do you see all of the titles? If not, try clicking on the button in the lower right-hand side of the menu options to "Reset from story". This will pull in all the titles for the slides, in case they were somehow removed.

If the titles are still missing, are you able to post the .story file here? You should be able to attach it in your response by using the paperclip icon. If you need help with this, let me know.