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Dimitris Boundris

For some reason, presenter chooses to deligate some seconds in a slide , according to the number of animations. The user can't progress to next slide until time runs out and the "pause" turns to "play" in the controls. I just added an engage interaction where the player provides 5 seconds for each interaction, totalling 25. Even if the reader watches all interactions, he cant prograss unless the 5 sec per interaction time runs out.

How can I control this? What I actually want is some slides to have zero or 1 sec time. Is thst possible?

Dimitris Boundris

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Dimitris

You can change that to one second in the interaction properties, the default in both presenter and engage is set as 5 seconds but you can set it to 1 second under presentation options


Hi, can you give me the path, cause I think I have done this but it doesn't work. I have to change both in engage and presenter or only in presenter?