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Hi all...hope this finds you well.

So, I developed a course for a client that in preview stage, works just fine. But when published, some of the Engage slides are jumping ahead, without going to the introduction first...the slides before are not programmed to jump's almost like there is a "sticking" action...when it goes to the interaction, and you press previous, it brings you to the intro page.

What is happening?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele!

I've had one other user with a similar issue and it was related to this same issue below:

You may find that the Prev and/or Next buttons in Articulate Presenter jump to the wrong slides if the following conditions are true:
*  The course includes more than one Articulate Engage interaction.
*  Two or more interactions were created from the same project file using "Save As."
This is a known issue. See this article for more information.
Michele Israel

Great...thanks...but, my challenge of course, now is to redo the slides so that the courses, already published, make sense.

I am not a designer of cannot really understand what it takes to put these programs in place. You do great work.

BUT...I have had two major issues now with these interactions...this one and then one questions that require written responses...and each time, the response is that they are known challenges but will be addressed in a next upgrade...the challenge with that is these courses are being developed for a client...and are up and running...which means I either have to change a whole bunch of stuff or just let folks work with the mistakes.

My point is that some of these major this serious challenge with an interaction...really need to be addressed sooner than later...because this work is being done for others and has a terrific impact on client/consultant relationships, and also with the quality of the work being developed.

I understand that it's easier to tackle in bulk...but that does not help the developer or user in the interim.