Small issues with my first Articulate course!

Jul 20, 2012

Hello there

I have just finished my first ever course in Articulate and I'm loving the tool, but I am still a real novice

I have two things in my base PowerPoint that don't reproduce well when I publish into Articulate - although when I preview each before publication they look fine. I can't work out what I have done/not done!

1. I have a series of headers building one by one in the slide. After the build one has been animated to turn blue to show the forthcoming topic on the next slide. The blue colour does not reproduce on publication although the image flashes.

2. The second relates to some plain text, Arial 12 point, in a grouped image box. On reproduction it looks like the text is there twice and overlayed with the overall effect of blurring the text. I've double-cheked that I haven't actually replicated the text and i've tried changing the font size but no luck

Any ideas out there?



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