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Jun 21, 2011

I am still a novice to Articulate, so I am still learning many things.

This is my fourth training that I have developed using the system.  On random slides, the smart art doesn't load completely.  It is usually the last  bullet point and shape that doesn't complete load,cutting the image off.

I have tried republishing.  The animations are supported.  The only thing I can think of is that this is saved on a shared drive and not the C Drive.

Has any experienced this or am I missing something?

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Janelle Francis

Thanks Phil.  It is interesting that this is the first time that i have had an issue with the smart art.  How do you convert the smart art to an image or break it apart.

Using a shared drive is the only I can back up my work.  Otherwise, it is gone, when something happens to my drive.  Maybe my IS department can suggest something different.

Thanks for your help,


Phil Mayor

Hi Janelle

I understand the backup issue, and I work from a folder on my desktop and at the end of the day, drag it onto a shortcut on my desktop to the shared drive.

A wise man once said that data does not eist unless it is stored in at least two places

I try to avoid smartart, are you animating the smart art?  This is often when problems occur

To break it apart you should be able to right click and ungroup and then right click save as picture


Alicia Breig

Hi Janelle,

    I am having the very same issue as you, where the smart art, in a very spotty way, does not load properly when I publish.  I do not believe it is related to the fact that your work is saved to a shared drive because mine is saved to my hard drive and I am also having this issue.   It's actually not the last bullet for me though, it's usually a middle bullet.  Having said that some of the slides are perfect, so I don't know why some of them are weird.   They are all grouped, and in fact are all the same in format, so it has nothing to do with that or being ungrouped -- this was an issue in articulate '09. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia,

This thread is a bit older - and before my time actually. If you're seeing this in Presenter '13 as well perhaps you could share with us a example to take a look at?  You'll want to share the Presenter package here using the "add attachment" button. It is definitely odd behavior that it's only some slides which see this set up. 

Alicia Breig

Hi Ashley,


    I tried publishing again without making any changes to the presentation, and this time it was fine.  I still have the other published ones where the smart art was doing weird stuff and which I can package... until it stops happening for a while, I am not going to assume that it is fixed.  This is only the first time that it has published without a hiccup in the smart art. 

Bruno Dethune

Hi Alicia,

Smartart is still a problem with Studio and powerpoint.

The problem is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (depending on the upgrades that Microsoft does on his smartart)

The problems are luckily less important with studio 13 than 09 :)

The best trick is still to convert the smartart to shapes (right mouse button + "convert to shapes"). This also gives a much greater flexibility in animating everything just as you want, and does not take much more time than using the standard animations.

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