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Brian Batt

Hi Chris & welcome to Heroes,

If you ungroup a SmartArt Graphic in your presentation, you may find that the text in each object is doubled, so that it appears blurry, fuzzy, or shadowed.

This is a known issue.  Please review the following article for more information and workarounds:


If you continue to have issues, please submit a support case to us by using the link below:


Christine Madden

Thanks for the welcome -- I'm sure I'll be posting LOTS more questions

I am selecting the smartArt object.  If I try selecting any objects within the smartArt object, the Group option isn't even available.   OR, did you mean that I should take the smartArt object out of smartArt (did that make sense?), so that it is then just a group of objects rather than one smartArt object?

Christine Madden

It actually is a colleague of mine who is having the issue.  It's a basic radial smartArt, and when she puts it into Presenter, the connecting lines are appearing in random locations on the screen.

We read the forums and saw that we could try ungrouping the smartArt and using individual animations.  However, when we select the smartArt object, the right-click menu option for Group is grayed out.  So, we were asking the (stupid) question of how to ungroup a smartArt object.   We, obviously, know we could select and copy all the objects and paste them outside of a smartArt object - is this what everyone means by "ungroup" as opposed to the "ungroup" option?

Jeanette Brooks

I'm using PPT 2010, but I have 2007 installed too, and it looks & behaves the same as what's shown above. Are you able to select the bounding box around the smart art? If you insert an entirely new slide and attempt to insert the smart art, are you able to ungroup that? I wonder if it has something to do with the specific object you're working with.