so here I go again hanging on annotation

I have had this problem with annotation for over a year now.

I will be annotating a slide using spotlight.

Suddenly, it hangs.

Usually, I can work around it. Shut everything down. Start over again on the slide that I was working on.

This time, I cannot.

When I open the PP again and navigate to the slide

the spotlight icon appears and everything hangs.

My thought is that if I delete the slide then the "corruption" that has worked it was into the slide will also disappear.

Can anyone confirm this?

This bug has caused me so many wasted moments, that at times, I curse Articulate, a tool I am normally only to happen to recommend.

I also keep hoping it will disappear in the next release, but then we all know the story about how long the release is taking to get out.

Help please.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roelf,

You'll want to check out the following troubleshooting articles, on "Presenter becomes unresponsive when working with audio, animations, annotations, or preview / publish" and this additional one on "PowerPoint crashes when working with audio, animations, or annotations."  

If you continue to experience unexpected behavior, you can also conduct a repair of your Presenter software. 

Please let us know if either of those help you out, and if not please feel free to connect with our Support team by sending your Packaged Presenter files.