so my '09 .xml Player templates WON'T load into Presenter '13??

...Um.. quoi?

Because when I do yea ole... Articulate TAB --> Player (Properties) --> Current Player --> Import --> <<Select>> .xml file ... results in a little "Articulate Player '13" popup window stating "The player you selected is not supported."


And, I tried a few different search words involving "player" and "template" and ".xml" and "presenter" and NO ONE else has had a problem with this?? Hrrmmm..

Whazzup with that?!


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Alison  L.

Oh. Right. Duh.:

What happens to my logos, presenters, playlists, and custom player templates?

Logos, presenters, and playlists will remain intact when upgrading to Studio '13. However, the player has been completely redesigned in Studio '13, meaning player templates from earlier versions won't work with Studio '13 content.


Brian Glover

Hi everyone - I have Studio 13, and I just received the source files from a client for two online courses - they want some simple edits made, but they want the interface to remain the same.  

I found out after the fact that original files were built with Presenter 09 and I can't give them what they want...  is this a true dead end?  Is there no way I can pull an 09 player template into presenter 13?     What can I do to satisfy my client, other than downloading an older version of Presenter, and hope it works?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

This link explains the things to be aware of when updating the content. 

You are correct, that templates are not compatible and also note the player has been updated as well.

Sounds like you have an actual course that you would like to upgrade. Have you opened in Presenter '13 to see how the compatibility looks? A backup in the '09 version will save as well.

Brian Glover

Thanks Leslie.  Yes, I spent a fair bit of time trying to make this work, and I did open the files in Presenter '13.   The real challenge is that a couple of slides use objects, animations and audio to explain the features of the interface. Since the interface can't be configured in the same way in Presenter '13, it would require new audio to be recorded and a rebuild of those slides, which isn't an option at this point.  Is my only option to open the source files in '09?

Cheers :-)