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Mar 19, 2011


I am looking for a software package or solution to design a scenario and use it for our eLearning.

For example, an office that has some people, desks, comiputers along with some trip hazards (i.e. computer wires, waste basket in a walking path, etc). 

Do you have any ideas or direction?  I'm stumped.



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Donna Pepper

Hi Dave,

If there is any specific software for creating scenes for scenarios, I'm not familiar with it. I'm fairly new to Articulate and these forums but from the posts I've seen from Tom, David, Jeanette and many others, it seems many people create their own scenes in PowerPoint. You might consider a source like for the beginning of a background and a site I've used some with collections of photos of people in various poses is eLearning Art.

Among others, some posts and/or tutorials I've found helpful in building scenes include:

How to design your e-learning templates by breaking down scene elements -

Using motion paths to create animation -

Creating Scenario and post it notes -

Maybe this will help give you a start - good luck,


Dave Newgass

Donna Pepper said:

Hi Dave,

If there is any specific software for creating scenes for scenarios, I'm not familiar with it.

Hello Donna,

Thanks for the direction.  You have given me a little to think about.  I guess I was (am) looking for something along the lines of 'here's a room, some furnishing options and some people'....drag and drop them where you wish.

I have seen some interesting ideas when using may come down to me having to upskill my abilities which is not a bad thing...just time consuming!

Many thanks,


Steve Flowers

Hi Dave,

You might have some luck with tools like this:

There are quite a few props available and folks available to produce new props. The brilliance with a tool like this is you have control over environment and camera. It's tuned for the "less-specialized" type of folks but still enables more technically adept types to go a few levels deeper.

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