SOLVED: Presenter 13 Not Publishing, Clip Art was the Culprit

We were having an issue in Articulate Presenter 13 where we would go to publish a new lesson and we would receive an error message before publishing had even progressed.

It turns out that the use of Clip Art within our Powerpoint was causing the error/crash.

The workaround was simple, we used the windows Snip tool, captured the Clipart as an image, deleted the clip art, then pasted the copied image back in. Publishing worked as it should once we did that.

We also found that publishing when we have a graph/chart pasted in from Excel was sometimes problematic.  Workaround for this issue would be the same - simply use the snip tool to get a grab of the image, then paste the image into Powerpoint and delete the original graph.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Jon, and welcome to Heroes!

While we're glad to hear that you identified a workaround, this is not behavior that we would expect you to have to to through!

Would you be able to package up your original Presenter '13 content (with Clip Art and Graphs/Charts intact) and send it over to us for a closer look?  Thanks!