"Some controls on the presentation cannot be activated.......

I am getting this error when I open my project "Some controls on the presentation cannot be activated. They may not be registered on this computer." I have searched all over the web and the only post I could find pertaining to Articulate Presenter is here http://www.articulate.com/forums/articulate-presenter/2305-ppt-error-message.html but I am running Windows 7, PowerPoint 2010, and have only the most current flash player form Adobe installed on my PC. Can anyone assist with this one?

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Linda Sampson


I haven't had any updates from our support people but I think I found a solution I can live with.  I imported the video into a blank Quizmaker slide and removed all of the settings and options so that it doesn't look like a quiz.  This provides full use of the screen for the video and eliminates the error message.

Ann W

So after an email from support, my issue at least (related to mp4s and getting endless prompts to repair the file from PPT) was indeed related to the Flash player. I uninstalled it and though it didn't fix the files I was working on while the Flash player was installed, I can at least start working in new files without issues right now. From Support:

We've confirmed this problem could occur if the video was inserted while Flash Player is installed in Internet Explorer.

We've reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team. To workaround this, you would need to uninstall this version of Flash.

If you have Windows 7, please do the following:
1) Follow the steps here to un-install the latest version for Flash Player:
2) Then install this version for Internet Explorer: http://bit.ly/1KBlcQJ

If you have Windows 8 or later, please uninstall Windows update KB3087040

Linda Sampson

I believe the issues are related to flash player; mine appeared the next day after opening the same file successfully the previous day.  The file had not been modified in any way.  I also attempted to open 2 other files that contained videos and had the same problems.  (When I looked in the Control Panel it appeared that Flash Player had been installed the day before but I don't remember receiving a prompt to update.)  I had our tech support people uninstall Flash 19 and install Flash 16 or 18 (can't remember).  When I opened Articulate I received an error that "Articulate requires Flash 10 for IE" and was directed to the Adobe installation so we re-installed v19.  My workaround (temporary, I hope) is to use Quizmaker to display my videos.  I chose it over the Media Tour interaction because Quizmaker utilizes the entire real estate of the slide so the video displays larger; Media Tour does not, which is disappointing.  I removed all of the "quiz" features and functions and it appears as a regular slide in my presentation.  I'll check back on this blog periodically to see if a solution has been found or update if we're successful in finding a solution.  In the meantime I've lost an entire day to this problem so I need to get to work.

Brian Batt

Hi everyone,

There's a known issue in the latest version of Flash Player 19 that is causing this issue in several products including Articulate Studio.  Here's a link to the bug information:


Although Adobe has acknowledged the issue and said that they will provide a fix (per Kratika Agarwal at 2:33AM GMT on September 24th), we encourage everyone to "vote" for the bug in the link above.

Brian Batt
Bob McGuire

Same problem.  My IT team deleted Flash and restored an earlier version (

Now if I try to create a new project, I receive an message stating that Flash Player 10 or higher needs to be installed.

I'm dead in the water here.  Any idea when we'll have a fix for this?  

Hey Bob,

It sounds like Flash Player wasn't installed properly.  The Articulate software uses the version of the Flash Player that's installed with Internet Explorer.  So, after they run the uninstall from Flash, I would recommend restarting the machine.  Then, install Flash Player 18 for Internet Explorer.  It typically has a name like this:


You can find archived Flash Player versions here:



Bob McGuire

Brian - I did exactly as you descried and still receive the "Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Presenter 113." error message when I attempt to do anything via the Articulate tab.

I loaded exactly the Flash Player version that you highlighted above.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Bob.

Can you check this page to confirm that you have Flash Player for Internet Explorer installed and that it is working as expected for you? Also, we did address an issue where folks would experience this error so I would suggest making sure that you are using the latest version of Studio '13 which you can download here

Bob McGuire

Ashley / Justin - I'm using the latest version of Studio 13....downloaded and installed the latest update yesterday.

Justin - I think I'm good for the time being with Flash Version  I uninstalled again and then re-downloaded via Internet Explore rather than Google Chrome.  Seems to be working now.  Not sure why that would make a difference, but apparently it did.

Still interested in knowing when the Flash Version bug will be fixed though.  I'm afraid that my IT Department will update me to that version again (despite my instructions not to), and I'll end up having to go through this all over again.  Not fun!


Alexey Malov

Rolling back to FP18, unfortunately will not recover the corrupted presentations since they are already damaged.

I think that it is worth mentioning in the article that there is a free tool that may automatically fix the corrupted presentations with Flash objects.


It can really help your clients to recover their work.

Who knows when Adobe fix that issue. Could it be that the next automatic security update  from Microsoft will install Flash Player 19 again with the same issue. Having a tool that may save days of your work is really helpful.

Liane Ng

Thank you for all your help. I was able to roll back to the older Flash Player version. Make sure you install flashplayer_18_0r0_241_winax.exe because I made the mistake of installing the flashplayer_18_0r0_241_win.exe one and that wasn't sufficient.

I also used the iSpringsolutions tool and it recovered a couple of my corrupted PPTX/Articulate files. However, some files were pretty corrupted and couldn't recover the audio so I had to reattach + change player settings + re-embed interactions and Flash objects. I guess that's better than starting from scratch.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Liane for that update and I'm glad you were able to resolve some of your files. We'll continue to keep folks updated here with any additional information from our team or if we hear from Adobe.  If you're having difficulty with a particular file, please also feel free to connect with our Support engineers here and they are happy to take a look at the file and see if there may be something they're able to do to assist with the corruption issue.