some (only some) colors display funky after publish

Happy Friday.

I have a course (the course referenced here, in particular) in which the color of the background that displays when the course is published is drastically different from the color that appears in presenter.

I have two different colors - one for each scenario.  The original one displays perfectly when published, but the second scenario's coloring is completely off.  I initially created it by taking the original and recoloring it.

When I publish it, it does not look blue, but rather like the pink wall color of a 5 year old girl who's obsessed with princesses.  The other assessts on the slide also end up miscolored.

What could be causing this problem?  It can't be a theme thing whereas I chose the recoloring from that menu - right?

Many thanks!!


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Kevin Dowd

Okay, now that I've published a few more slides - there is even more funkiness going on.

The animated text on the second slide is now showing up on both the second and the third slides.  Mean while some of the assessts in the slide master of the third slide aren't appearing.

Thoughts?  Thanks!

Brian Batt

Hi Heidi,

I apologize for the issues that you're having.  Can you check to see if your presentation is corrupt by attempting to repair it using the link below?

If you continue to have issues, please submit a support case to us & then upload the source files when you receive the confirmation email: