Somethings changed: Attachments do not appear, videos do not play

Just used Presenter 09 for the first time in a few weeks, have successfully created many objects in the past.  Now attachments do not open.  When you click on an attachment in the drop down, nothing happens at all.  Also, videos (embedded in Media Tour interactions) do not play -- just see a circle animation rotating counterclockwise.

Went back and checked previous programs -- they have the same issues.  I suspect something about Flash player has changed but Adobe says my machines are up to date.

Can any Heroes recognize this issue and give me a fix?  I am stymied...

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Curtis Wilson

Peter, my files are always too large to email, even with zipping, I have tried several times in the past.

We are still scratching our heads over this issue -- all other computers in the office seem to be fine, just the two in my office are having this problem.  And as I said yesterday, the files sent into Cornerstone performed correctly (!)  I continue to think this is a Flash problem but we are stumped at the moment on why did this happen now and why hasn't it affected other computers around my two?

Curtis Wilson

Peter: We just had something of a breakthrough and identified that the problem is Chrome browser,  It has a different (newer) Flash plug-in than IE.  It does not like the attachments or the videos.

However with IE, when we try to open an attachment we see a message from Articulate:

This is a learning object on the local hard drive.  Until yesterday this object played perfectly.


Peter Anderson

Hi Curtis,

It certainly sounds like a local security issue. You shouldn't test web or LMS content offline due to browser and Flash player security restrictions. If you are distributing your content offline, you should publish for CD and launch the presentation via Launch_Presentation.exe. If you're planning on distributing your content online, you should upload the content to your web server or LMS, and test it there. 

Darren Lott


I am having exactly the same problem. I published some presentations about a month ago and they worked well with embedded videos. I went to show  another person yesterday what they looked like and opened them on my laptop with the chrome browser and I can't see the video's anymore? So it isn't just Curtis.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Darren

When viewing published Articulate content on your local computer with the Google Chrome browser, you may find that some features don't work as expected.
A bug in the integrated Flash Player for Google Chrome (i.e., the Pepper plugin) that was released on July 31, 2012 does not support trusted locations. As a result, communication between the Flash Player and your Articulate content is denied when the content is viewed locally, which causes various features in your content to fail.
Please review the following articles for more information: