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Daniel  Feerst

I believe this may be it.

"You create a copy of an existing presentation: When you use the Save As command in PowerPoint to create a copy of a presentation, Presenter also copies the corresponding ppta file. This can cause a conflict if there is already a ppta file with the same name. Rather than overwriting the existing ppta file, Presenter renames the file to -old.ppta."

Jan Johnson

I have the same issue. I just imported all of the audio files for my project - they are there, but they don't play. I am working on my desktop, I have the newest version of the software and all of my add-ins are enabled. I checked and the name of the ppta file has not changed. I have deleted and reloaded the files multiple times, I have saved and saved as - still nothing. I have never had this problem until this last software update. Thanks for your help.