Sound of imported video starts on the slide before

Nov 26, 2014

I've got an introduction on slide 1, then there's a .swf, that I imported with the video button cause it contained no interactions, at slide 2.

When I publish the project, the sound of my second slide (the .swf) starts in the middle of my first slide (the sound is imported within my .swf). So in the first slide, there's two sounds playing at the same time : the one that's supposed to play in the first slide and the one within the flash file that SHOULD starts at slide 2.

The thing is, the whole video starts too soon, because when we arrive at the beginning of slide 2, it's already in the middle of it.

Why is that? :/


Also I've done plenty of tests to resolve my problem, without any success. I also tried to add a blank slide within the two and the scenario repeats itself (now the sound of the video starts on the blank slide and half of the video is missing on slide 3.

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Geneviève Jacques

Hum. :/

Okay so for some reasons the sound of the video started back two slides after. I found there was a loop option on the video properties, which I turned to "false", which actually did nothing.

So! I'm removing the sound from my flash file, importing it back within the presenter. I know that the video always plays, somehow, in the background, but still it's not visible for the user, so it'll do for now.

Though I'm guessing it's certainly not good for optimisation sake. :/

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