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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Frances - see if this works for you:

  1. Select the animation in your animation pane and choose Effect Options.
  2. On the Effect tab, use the Amount selector to choose Custom.
  3. Type your value (i.e., 45 degrees) and then (this is the important part) hit your Tab key to move out of that field.
  4. Now click OK.

I noticed once before in a project I was working on that PowerPoint seems to want to revert back to the previous custom turn value if you don't Tab out of the custom field before closing the dialog box.

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Dimitra,

Although Storyline does have an entrance/exit animation called Spin, I have a feeling you are looking for an emphasis animation instead - that is, an option to make an existing on-screen object spin when a certain point on the timeline is reached, or when the user performs some action. Right now there isn't a Spin emphasis animation in Storyline, but you could build something convincing by using states and triggers. Check out the example that Trina shared in this other discussion thread: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/making-an-item-spin-on-a-central-axis

Paul Colby

The info at the top of this discussion gave me hope. Then my hopes were dashed as it appears that setting a custom rotation angle is no longer an option for the spin animation (please, please, please correct me if I'm wrong). You can see from my attachment, at various points in audio, I want to rotate knob from -135° (Cold) to 135° (Warm). Sounds simple, right? But remember, this is Storyline, nothing is simple. Why not just allow for a custom angle on the spin animation? Everyone goes to bed happy tonight. Now I have to come up with yet another work around for something that should be simple. Why limit to 90 degree turns? Come on Storyline, hook a brother up. I imagine someone has already solved this issue, please post if you have.

P.S. I'm looking for precise control for my rotation angle. I should be able to rotate an object 17.3 degrees if so needed.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Paul. From the jpg you attached, I see that you want the knob to have 7 stops. But can you say a little more about what you're trying to build? Is this something where you're demonstrating to the learner the way the knob works and you just want to show an animation of the knob moving? Or do you want the learner to actually interact with the knob and be able to change its setting directly? 

Paul Colby

Hi Jeanette. Either way, Storyline should have a way to spin/rotate an object by a specified number of degrees, not just 90, 180 or 360. I came up with a way to do it and posted it here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/custom-spin-animation-to-replace-inadequate-storyline-spin-animation . Hopefully, it will help someone else out until Storyline figures out that users might want to rotate an object 45 degrees, or maybe 53 degrees, or even 150 degrees. My method was a lot of work, but it gets me what I want. Seems like killing a fly with a sledgehammer though and something that should be built into Storyline. That's a pretty basic requirement.