Spinning Wheel of Death - Hosting Articulate Files in GCP

Hello - 

I am working on uploading Articulate Presenter Files into GCP (Google Cloud Platform) as a hosting site. I have had success with one file, however my latest attempt is prompting the spinning wheel of death.


This is what my computer monitor is showing for the past 20 minutes:

Spinning Wheel of Death

Any suggestions or reference points for Webhosting will be much appreciated!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simcha,

I haven't used Google Cloud hosting myself, but I know that we have a  video tutorial by Tom Kuhlmann on it, and it's just one of a few options mentioned in this article. 

Also, this blog post by community member, Mike Taylor, has a nice write up on all things Google Cloud hosting.  

Keep me posted! 

Tom Kuhlmann

My tutorial is the extend of my expertise with Google Cloud :)

A few thoughts though, if the link just spins there may be a permissions issue accessing the other files in other folders. That's something to explore.

Sometimes, files get corrupted when they get uploaded. That happened a lot to me when I was in school. You could delete and retry to see if that works.

Clear your browser cache, especially if using Chrome. I find that Chrome often hangs out to the content without playing the updated files. 

Simcha Wolfe

Hi Alyssa, 


Thank you for your response, Attached below is a screenshot of what showed on two different phone when testing the course on mobile devices:

Is your content hosted on a web server or a learning management system?

Content is hosted on GCP web server   

What type of mobile device are you using?

Content was not showing on iPhone or Android phone

Which mobile browser are you using for testing?

Sarafi and browser pulled from Android phone

Screenshot of Course NOt Loading from iPhone - Browser Safari