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Jun 14, 2011


Attached is the sponge transition we talked about last week. I tried deleting smooth start and smooth end and it just made it worse. The Jenise Cook example isn't as detailed as my movement is nor as time critical. I understood everything she did in that example.  

Thanks for your time and efforts.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gary, and thanks for posting your file! A lot of times, it's challenging to get objects with different animations (in your case, wipe animations and motion paths) to combine flawlessly in super-precise timeframes. There's always a little bit of give & take when the behavior of the animations in PowerPoint get converted to Flash output, so sometimes there is some trial and error involved in order to get things to look just right.

The slide you shared had seven different animations applied to the hand (fly in, motions paths, and fly out) - which is normally no big deal, except the difficulty is when those animations need to behave exactly in tandem with other animations - in this case, the wipe animations of the picture segments. Because the hand/sponge and the picture segments are different sizes and they start in different places on the slide, it's difficult to to make it look like the image is being revealed at the exact same rate that the sponge is traveling, even with some of the tools available in the PowerPoint timeline.

So here's what I'd recommend: if you can reduce the number of movements, and slightly increase their speed, I think it will be much easier to create the illusion of the sponge wiping to reveal the picture. In the attached example, I increased the hand/sponge size a bit so that only 3 movements were needed rather than 7 (upward, rightward, and downward) in order for the sponge to "wipe" the entire slide. I also tightened the timeframes just a bit so that there was less possibility of any timing differences being noticeable to the viewer. Although the timing might not look spot-on if you view this as a PowerPoint slideshow via F5, I think you'll find that when you preview or publish with Articulate Presenter, it looks pretty convincing.

Hope this helps!

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